29 June 2015

Yes, really, what exactly did Bibi have in mind?

To quote myself, from a recent post:

But to assign a politician, who publicly and proudly declares her anti-judiciary stance for a long time, to serve as minister of justice - what exactly did Bibi have in mind?
Well, call me a misogynist or male chauvinist pig or whatever (just don't forget to call me to dinner) - but in fact it is only one question of the three I would like to ask Bibi. If an opportunity presents itself.

So this was a question re Eng. Ayelet Shaked.

Eng. Ayelet Shaked
To the next question:
To assign an ex-IDF censor and a failure of an IDF spokesperson to serve as minister of culture and to call the artists “tight-assed, hypocritical and ungrateful” - what exactly did Bibi have in mind?

Brigadier-General Miri Regev
And the last - but far from the least:
To assign a deeply religious (nothing wrong with that) and extremist (lots of wrong with that) person to serve as Deputy Foreign Minister and advise the embassies abroad to reference the Torah in response to criticism - what exactly did Bibi have in mind?

Att. at Law Tzipi Hotoveli
Now, all of you males out there: you better refrain from sexist remarks. Think about Bibi, our poor Bibi instead.


BHCh said...

I will happily hand myself in to your justice.

SnoopyTheGoon said...


Dick Stanley said...

Beauties they may be but, ahem, let the whining and backbiting begin.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, it will, it will, rest assured.