18 June 2015

Israelis sell snow to Russia. No wonder these Jews are not liked!

The headline of this post is created out of two headlines of two different articles. I shall start from the second, since it is the one that lead me to the first. The short piece by Tatyana Razumovskaya was translated by Google with a few nudges from yours truly.
I knew for a long time the fact that Israel supplies tulips to Holland and roses to the whole of Europe: my friend owned one of these greenhouses.

A couple of years ago I was shocked to learn that a number of potatoes growing kibbutzim send all of their produce to... Ukraine and Belarus. I have asked the guide several times, because I couldn't get my head around this absurdity.

And yesterday I learned that Israel became one of the three leading suppliers of black caviar in the world! And this Israeli caviar - grainy, with a bronze tint - is one of the best on the planet.

Not only that, but once a machine for artificial snow became required for the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia purchased it in Israel. Now what is going on here, huh?!! What remains for Israel is to export samovars to Tula* and beer - to Bavaria.
(*) Tula - a Russian city famous for its samovars' manufacture - at least in the past.

Now, when the text above is clear to you, I have to add that almost all of that info was known to me already. Aside of the snow machine story that, frankly, boggled my mind. But it is obviously true, if Google is to be my witness. There are several articles on the subject. Being lazy, I have chosen one in English (the first part of the headline comes from there). There was another reason to chose it, as will become apparent when you read the following quote:
The article with this title was reposted this week by dozens of Russian websites. The sentence sounds especially funny in Russian, because every Russian knows a joke about a Jew who would sell snow to “Chookchas” (a tribe that lives in polar regions of Russia). A Russian journalist Natalia Radulova made a comment: “I feel like I was waiting my entire life to be able to use this title”.
I guess you have gathered that "selling snow to Chookchas" is the Russian equivalent of "selling snow to Eskimos [Inuits, to be PC]". The Chookchas (Chukchi) people being close to the Inuits, it is practically the same joke anyhow...

Indeed, what remains now is to fix the issue of samovars. And, of course, the beer.

So there.


Dick Stanley said...

Actually, I think the joke is about selling refrigerators to Eskimos. I never heard it applied to Jews, specifically, just anyone who could talk long and persuasively.

Dick Stanley said...

Never waste time with CNN when you want the real story. They should give you a prize, Mr. G. You're one of their few loyal viewers/readers. They don't have that many anymore.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Indeed the English version doesn't mention Jews specifically, unlike the Russian one.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, loyal is not exactly how I would describe my attitude to CNN. As you can see, they do have their moments.