04 November 2014

Stephen England on ISIS/ISIL dispute and Obama's strategy

Stephen England, a Shadow Warriors thrillers author, who is said to possess a considerable cache of knowledge on the nature of Islam, the Middle East, espionage and counterterrorism operations, explains the nature of the acronyms used by different parties for this excrescence: The Secret Agenda Behind Obama’s Use of “ISIL”. . .Not So Fast.  Interesting read, warmly recommended.

To summarize - first of all:

In short, while ISIS and ISIL are functionally identical, “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” is the single most accurate pure English translation which can be used–and given the cluttering of search engine results for “ISIS” with everything from Egyptian goddesses to comic book characters–the most rational choice for the administration.
President Obama’s real message to ISIL is the one he’s broadcasting in the clear–the one that has already resulted in the beheading of two Americans.

It’s: “I have no strategy.”


Sennacherib said...

O/T Snoop,
But I've uncovered one of your Elders dark plots in the USA. The evidence:

Dick Stanley said...

Actually he has no brains, no balls, and no clue what to do about finding any. And his party paid for it Tuesday: losing the Senate, the House, and governors offices across the land. Now to see if they put the lid on his loony administration or if they decide to compromise. Hard to tell with pols. None of them are too reliable about anything except graft.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks to you, my day is made!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Now to see if they put the lid on his loony administration or if they decide to compromise"

My guess will be the latter. Nothing pols like more than under-the-table deals.

Dick Stanley said...

Pretty funny. Next time try Des Moines.

Dick Stanley said...

Especially when most of them (my guess) are RINOs. Time will tell.