08 November 2014

Barack Obama and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: which one is the world leader?

The Ynet article Obama wrote Khamenei secret letter about Islamic State raised more questions than it gives answers to. Take this, for instance:
The letter was the fourth known time Obama has written Iran’s most powerful leader, and according to the Journal, underscores Obama view that Iran is key to implementing the now-lame duck president's regional plan.
Why would Obama try to woo the chief Ayatollah in such a shameful fashion is a good question, you must agree.

But back to basics. This is the passage that left me speechless:
White House spokesman Josh Earnest responded to the report, and said that US policy towards Iran has not changed.

According to the report, which cited people briefed on the correspondence, the letter was sent secretly in the middle of last month, as US-led forces were already hitting Islamic State group targets in Iraq. Earnest said he could not comment on private correspondence between Obama and a world leader.
Specifically, the last few words: "correspondence between Obama and a world leader". Even more specifically: "between Obama and a world leader".

At first I thought that this formula is a result of some local Ynet finger-slip or mistranslation. But then, when I checked other sources, the same text appears there. For instance. Or for example.

Anyway, the big question looms. Was there a secret transfer of that title - I mean leader of the world - from the White House to Tehran? When did it happen and why wasn't there an official ceremony?

And why had the title gone to Tehran and not to the obvious candidate? Or, if not to him, then why not to Beijing?

Questions, questions...

Update: And if you believe this Fox News article about the letter mentioned above, "This [letter] f***s up everything". Being coy, Fox decided to leave us in the fog regarding the act that the letter performs: "furls", "freezes", "franks", "flicks"... etc. But one can be fairly sure, I would suggest, that nothing good will come out of that letter.


Yitzchak Goodman said...

I thought "obvious candidate" was going to link to something about Kim Jong Un.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say that Kimxxx is too young yet. Let's put him in the category of the 'Glorious world compass" for now. Of course, later...

Dick Stanley said...

It ought to be clear by now that Obama wants U.S. detente with Iran, whatever the cost, including Persian nukes ready to launch, and he'll do anything to get it---including lying about wanting them not to get the bomb. He either does want them to or he simply doesn't care. I'm not sure whether he's an actual anti-Semite, like his former pastor, but I think the 69 percent of American Jews who voted Democrat the other day are insane. I sometimes wonder if the Worm plans to retire in Chicago or somewhere overseas. Not that I would miss him.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, it became finally clear when that "chickenshit" story surfaced. To laugh at Bibi that delayed the attack on Iran because of WH pressure... oh well.

As for 69% - dunno, some things are probably done as a payment to some tradition or whatever.

Dick Stanley said...

As our famous pol Sam Rayburn said: All politics is local. So you never know why some people vote for some guy who's a national disaster.

SnoopyTheGoon said...