21 November 2014

Simon Jenkins, you win. Again.

 I was going to put here a few words about the new inanity by Mr Jenkins, published as usual in the Guardian and titled If Charles Manson has found love, surely that’s a good thing?. But somebody - Claire Berlinski in this case - has already written all I had to say, including the headline: Simon Jenkins, You Win. Here is what she (me too, me too!) says:
The only explanation for this column I can fathom is this one: Simon Jenkins placed a bet, probably a large one, that there is simply nothing — literally nothing — he can write so insane that The Guardian won’t publish it.
Upon second thought, I have added one word to Ms Berlinski's headline. Cause Simon Jenkins has done it quite a lot of times already and, undoubtedly, will do it in the future.

So there.