30 November 2014

"Jewish state" bill part II: Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen springs into action

The ink on the previous post has barely dried out, and the other side of the coin (coin? what coin?) became visible. I am moderately proud to state that my prediction in that post about the purpose of that wretched law ("Isn't the whole brouhaha with that new basic law (that is being objected to by the Attorney General) just a too obvious attempt to stick a finger in Abbas' eye?") paid off. Here is the expected response:
"We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel," Abbas was quoted as saying by Israel's Channel 10, an apparent reference to Israel's proposed Nationality Law.
Now, while the "Jewish state" bill is hardly worth the paper it is written on, the response above is interesting by itself. The whys of that steadfast refusal by Abbas were never explained by him, at least not in English (what he says about the Jews in Arabic is known rather well, and state of Israel - Jewish or not - figures in it only as a target for inevitable destruction).

Yeah, Mr. Abbas - please do say a bit more on the subject. Please?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, your majesty! This was the best execution of this grand ole story I heard so far. Cool.

Dick Stanley said...

That right there was worth submitting the Jewish State bill, to know publicly once and for all that this clown Abbas will never play nice no matter how many meetings Lurch arranges with him and how many lies the Worm tells about Arab peace partners. Good to have curtain pulled back, if only a little.

Dick Stanley said...

Somehow I missed Mr. Clower's acts, but his accent is familiar. About half my relatives on my father's side talk like that. "Graveyard dead." Yep.

Sennacherib said...

Do not, I say do not deprive yourself!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I agree, and if that was the only purpose of that "law", that's OK with me then.