01 January 2014

Jerusalem’s oldest Hebrew engraving: then and now

Lo and behold:

Researcher says ancient inscription describes low quality of jug’s contents, served to King Solomon’s laborers and soldiers.
While nowadays IDF doesn't dispense wine, aside of the infamous Manischewitz for Shabbat blessing, what it does dispense is so lousy it should be considered a WMD.

And I bet, the army's answer to the complaints back then was exactly as it is today. Meaning:
Sgt ...,

Your complaint is being investigated by our senior service conditions officer and the issue will be taken care of in due time. Your personal file was being investigated too, and apparently your spotless service record doesn't warrant an immediate incarceration.

Meanwhile, we recommend adding to your wine allotment some water from the Kidron spring, known for its high quality and medicinal properties.

King Solomon thanks you for your service.

Signature (illegible).
So there...