21 January 2014

Blaming the victim, with the best of intentions: Rob MIller's debut on ToI

Rob Miller, the much (but possibly not enough) esteemed glorious leader, PBUH, of a bunch called Watchers of Weasels*, was invited by what is today arguably the hottest Internet source in Israel, Times of Israel, to become one of its contributors. Today ToI published his first article, Blaming the victim, with the best of intentions, where he takes to task Judea Pearl's article How not to fight an anti-Israel boycott that appeared on ToI previously.

To confess, I have read this article too, and my first impression was that his take on the way some pro-Israeli arguers frequently choose is very valuable. He says:

The two most dangerous “objections” to the boycott consist of these arguments: 1) There are worse violators of human rights in the world, so why pick on Israel? And 2) Israel is aware of her “crimes,” and is about to repent and behave.
And, in my humble opinion, he is absolutely right. The first one, while a valuable tool for identification of the insidious and industrious anti-Zionism of fools, is not a valuable argument at all by itself. The second is, at best, stupid. Rob is saying as much in his article too.

But then - Rob was a keener reader than I was. I wouldn't overindulge here in copy/pasting, only a small taster to have you read it all:
Like apartheid, “occupation” is simply another convenient word misused to demonize Israel. And it happens because the conversation when it comes to Middle East peace always revolves somehow around Israel’s security and not the rights of its people, while discussions about the Palestinians are exactly the reverse.
So read it all.

(*) Which gang includes yours truly, if you have noticed, and if you think I wasn't efficient enough in that obvious act of brown-nosing, let me know. Oh, I forgot: Rob is single-handedly steering the mighty ship of Joshuapundit too.