19 January 2014

Almost, but not quite

It's probably an old story, but still quite good.

One day Saint Peter asked Jesus to sit for him at the gates of Heaven for a few hours (even saints have needs, apparently). After some uneventful time, Jesus sees an old geezer approaching the gates. As per the standing procedure, Jesus stops him and asks the man to brief him on his bio, fame or infamy, good deeds, bad deeds etc.

"I am a simple woodcarver," answers the old man, "not famous at all myself, but my son is known to the whole world. He was born in a very unusual manner".

At this point Jesus perked up and even rose from his chair. The woodcarver continued:

"My son walked around the world and performed many good and wondrous deeds, undergone some hard trials and as a result became famous and beloved".

Jesus, looking closer at the old man:


Old man, suspiciously peering at Jesus: