26 January 2014

Anti-fracking protesters who don't have a glue... sorry, a clue

This hilarious story was discovered by Peter Risdon, who didn't expand on it as it definitely deserves. So here, with more details:

Anti-fracking protesters who glued and chained themselves to petrol pumps in Great Lever over the weekend were at the wrong garage, it has emerged.

Four people were arrested on Saturday after anti-fracking protesters used glue and bike locks to attach themselves to fuel pumps at the petrol station in Rishton Lane.

The group had chosen to base the protest next to a Total petrol station after the French firm announced it would be investing more than £12 million in the UK’s shale gas industry.
Here are these good folks, glued as reported:

However, it emerged later that the petrol station was no longer owned by Total - but the new owners had not got around to taking the signs down yet.
I am a great believer in punishment in kind. So why don't they spend a few days glued to a pump on an abandoned gas station?