29 April 2013

Update on the odious Falk and the Boston bombing

Nice to know some people have their eyes on the ball! Now both the US and Canada are calling for his dismissal, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird going so far as to state that Falk made antisemitic statements (most undiplomatic, but very political).

Thus, he said (as quoted here:) “Once again, United Nations official Richard Falk has spewed more mean-spirited, anti-Semitic rhetoric, this time blaming the attacks in Boston on President Obama and the State of Israel”. How nice to hear a politician state the plain truth. And in plain language, too.

Even the Brits are getting in on the act, and from the correct side too: The British mission to the UN also expressed its concern and noted that this is “the third time we have had cause to express our concerns about Mr. Falk’s anti-Semitic remarks. It is important to the U.K. that special rapporteurs uphold the highest standards in their work and we have twice previously made clear that remarks by Mr. Falk were unacceptable.”

For British diplomats, that is very strong language indeed. They usually deal in euphemisms that only those English people educated in Public (i.e., expensive private) Schools and Oxbridge can understand.

Post by: Brian Goldfarb