29 April 2013

UN employee slags off the US and the Boston dead and wounded. No surprise there.

It's Richard Falk, of course, that well known entirely impartial UNHRC official charged with damning Israeli behaviour on any and every occasion. What is the question to which Falk is the answer? Oh, sorry, thought it was obvious: who would say that "The Boston Marathon bombings last week should have been expected given US policies around the world", but the one with the American accent and an inflated sense of his own importance.

The man who, as a UN employee is supposed to be impartial and even-handed just cannot resist an underhanded blow, such as "“The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance… the United States has been fortunate not to experience worse blowbacks,” Richard Falk wrote in the Foreign Policy Journal." (The story comes via The Times of Israel.) However, he is employed by the UNHuman Rights Council, the one with a membership of some of the worst breachers of human rights ever to (dis)grace the UN halls.

The full story's here, with a further link to the original in the Foreign Policy Journal. If your stomach is strong enough to stand the dreck. I'm off to rinse my mouth out with a slug of good booze. 

Post by: Brian Goldfarb