04 April 2013

Male baldness and the eggheads' sensitivity

I would guess that there are some bald men between researchers too, but this article clearly points to a group of hairy and very insensitive eggheads.

Men going thin on top may be more likely to have heart problems than their friends with a full head of hair, according to researchers in Japan.
Instead of wasting money on this research, the men who have financed it and the men who have done it should be sent to a sensitivity training course for extended period. Because a man who doesn't understand the link between the words "baldness" and "heartbreak" will hardly grok the link after wasting a lot of time and money on a research of the obvious.

Such man could, of course, look for an excuse in the fact that the words mentioned above are not linked in any dictionary. But it is due to the dictionary authors' sensitivity, doofus...

And I don't even want to consider the chance that a woman (or several women) was involved in that project. A possibility of such cruelty doesn't bear thinking about...

P.S. And BBC shouldn't really rub it in by using this photograph:

There must be some limits.

P.P.S. Yeah, yeah, this rant is kind of personal, so what?