03 April 2013

Gazan rocket scientists back in business

Probably the lesson taught last November has already evaporated from the overheated brains of assorted Gazan "activists": slowly but surely the wheels turn to another confrontation.

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired two Qassam rockets toward the western Negev Wednesday morning, as Israeli children in Sderot and Sha'ar Hanegev were making their way to schools and kindergartens after the Passover holiday. No injuries or damage were reported.
The previous launches, of March 22 were explained rather colorfully by the folks that claimed to be the ones who done it:
In a statement headlined "The demolition of Sderot by rocket bombardment in reaction to the visit of the dog Obama," the Mujahedeen Shura Council had said it was responsible for an attack launched from Gaza.
So far no explanation of the last attempt to kill some Jooz was issued, but no doubt it will be something worthwhile, like this typical absurdity:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas blamed the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday for the death of a security prisoner suffering from terminal cancer....Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqe accused Israel of medical negligence and demanded an international investigation of Abu Hamdiyeh's death.
Or will the launch be linked to the prisoners' hunger strike (caused by the same terrorist's expiration):
Some 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails sent back their food on Wednesday morning as part of a protest launched following the death from cancer of a Palestinian inmate which the PA blamed on Israeli medical negligence.
Whatever the reason, it looks like the short period of calm is coming to a gradual end.

Too bad.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yep. Than they will prove that this character died of depleted uranium or summat.