14 April 2012

St Petersburg - Riyadh of the North

Sergey Kondrashev and his wife.

Russians claim that the former Russian capital is `Venice of the North`. Close, but no cigar. As a matter of fact, Saint Petersburg is Riyadh of the North.

They just enacted a law against `propaganda of gayness`. The other day St Petersburg police arrested an old pal of mine, lawyer Sergey Kondrashev. Why? Sergey is not gay, but he wrote and published a polite letter opposing the law. He also peacefully protested by making the following statement: `A friend of my family is a lesbian. We love and respect her. Her way of life is as normal as ours. He family is as good as ours`.

Further details can be found here (in Russian).

Please sign this on-line petition in support of Sergey.

And by the way... How come I don`t have any family friends like Sergey???


Dick Stanley said...

The Second Soviet is just around the corner.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am afraid it's even a bit closer...

KatieNorcross said...

Signed.  I hope it helps.

David All said...

Thanks, Snoopy, for this post.
I have signed, too.
Katie: In cases like this, every signature remains those in charge, in this Czar Vladimir I and his lackeys, that this has the attention of people inside and outside of Russia.

BHCh said...

David/Katie - many thanks!

The case was due to be considered today but it was postponed.  Guess local judge is waiting for instructions from Vovochka himself.

In the mean time Russian parliamentarians created a cross-party fraction against "secularism, militant liberalism, totalitarianism, sectarianism, hedonism and drug addiction".  

http://www.metronews.ru/kolumnisty/natasha-bitten-byloe-i-dumcy-deputaty-protiv-konstitucii/Tpoldo---UHsIi0n4rtok/ (Russian)