07 April 2012

Happy Easter!

To all our Christian friends. And something to mark this one:

Well, it was either bunnies or eggs, so don't blame me...


David All said...

Thanks Snoopy.

The melted chocolate Easter eggs are very appropriate since here on the East coast and throughtout most of the US we have had a record warm January, February and March. Middle of March had two weeks of unpreccedented of warm weather causing trees and flowers to bloom weeks ahead of schedule Although temperatures have now gone back to normal, the outdoors looks more like the beginning of May than the first half of April. 

Brian Goldfarb said...

I know, and very nice it was too, having just returned from a brief trip to the Big Apple. Nice not having to wear a coat when outdoors.

Pity about the melted chocolate: our grandsons weren't too happy about that, tho"!