02 April 2012

The Commentator being rude (and truthful) about George Galloway

Raheem Kassam is the Executive Editor of The Comentator, an online newspaper from which I've extracted items before. As far as British politics is concerned, it's quite right-wing. However, it is entirely on the right and proper side for matters concerning the Middle East. Thus Kassam has a right-on article on George Galloway who, somehow, managed to get elected in the Bradford west By-Election last Thursday.

Early in the article, Kassam states that "It is my opinion that George Galloway is a shameless career politician who has spent more time trying to get elected than he has spent in the House of Commons chamber, actually debating on the issues. If Galloway’s legal team require me to legitimise my views in this regard, I refer them to this picture of this appearance on Big Brother, incidents such as his appearance alongside Zahir Mahmood in this speech and his history of attempting to shut down debates about his character and affiliations, rather than actually answering questions as he most famously did at the US Senate in 2005."

It is also worth quoting a couple of other passages from the article, to show just what sort of person Galloway is. Thus, Kassam also says "Of course, the people of Bradford were attempting to shake off the vile dictator that was their previous MP to replace a seriously ill MP who had to stand down and voted for Galloway as a lifeline for their embattled state voted for Galloway as the result of a highly divisive campaign that played on discord and disenfranchisement rather than unity and a community spirit." He goes on "[Galloway] is a man who once said to Saddam Hussein, “I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability,” and campaigned adamantly against the war that brought the tyrant to justice."

You shouldn't miss all the links within the article, and the "debate" between Christopher Hitchens and Galloway is priceless; no half-way dispassionate observer would give any points to Galloway.

The whole article and the links within it is well worth your time.

By Brian Goldfarb.

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