13 August 2011

Tourists nabbed with cocaine inside stomachs: an easy explanation

Surely Zionist press is unfair to otherness:

An x-ray examination reveals 2.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine concealed inside condoms in stomachs of Bolivian couple arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport; drug content worth some $200,000.
Only down close to the end of that article you see the key sentence:
As airport detectives took the couple aside for questioning, they were surprised to discover, during an x-ray examination, that the Bolivian tourists were smuggling 2.5 kilograms of liquid cocaine in their stomachs concealed inside 85 condoms.
Now, I hope, everything is illuminated: the two simply participated in a condom swallowing competition, so popular lately in that locale. And, of course, with water shortages being felt all over the world, the cheapest local filling material was chosen. The rest is history.

I hope they get a good lawyer.


jams o donnell said...

Although in relation to condoms full of drugs in ones GI tract, for the sake of the mules I hope the word busted does not appear!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let's just hope they don't swallow any staples (to take on example) with the condoms.