27 August 2011

Another side of globalization

That headline gave me a hard time:

Syria warns Turkey: If you attack us, we will bomb Tel Aviv

If the Turkish military invades Syria to stop the Syrian army's brutal crackdown on popular dissent, Damascus will retaliate by bombing Tel Aviv, a website associated with the Syrian government threatened on Thursday.
It is obviously a new international game that has new rules to be studied. So, if you threaten a party, this party threatens that it will attack a third party (that you don't care about). I think I've got it now. Although there is another twist to it:
Syria tells Turkish foreign minister: We have more military might than Libya.
So the threatened party has to refer to some irrelevant fourth party to make a point of its muscle. And there is more:
In addition, the commander of the Iranian Basij militia, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, said that Iran would also fire missiles into Israel if Turkey attacked Syria.
Uhu... the friend of the second party also threatens the third party (that you don't care about).

OK, let's see if I got it all in this example:
  • If Singapore invades Brazil, says Brazilian government, we shall level Estonia. 
  • Besides, we have more soldiers and tanks than Canada!
  • Australia adds that it will jump on Estonia's ashes if Singapore invades Brazil.
How did I do?

Update: SWMBO says that I am wrong in that example. The third party (which I made to be Estonia) must be Tel Aviv no matter who the first, second and fourth parties are. Go figure...


Dick Stanley said...

True, it must be TA. Who would waste a bomb on Estonia?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ha! Now you say it. I knew now I should have consulted SWMBO from the start.

Katie said...

Turkey attacks Syria, Syria attacks Israel, Israel wipes out Syria.  What does Turkey have to lose?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Lets' call it a plan ;)