02 August 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to 1967 ceasefire lines?


And a related good question.


Dick Stanley said...

Ah, but his preconditions---stopping the unilateral declaration of statehood and requiring recognition of the Jewish state---will make it moot. A tactic, it seems, and no more.

Pisa said...

Here's the article that started it all:

"The official in Jerusalem responded that Netanyahu "has been clear that Israel will not return to the 4th of June 1967 borders," or the lines that stood before that war."


"Netanyahu told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that “we are interacting with the US to put together a document [for an agreement with the Palestinians] using language from Obama’s second speech [the AIPAC speech].”  Doesn't sound like anything the American members of Congress would harshly condemn.

"Israel was working with the Quartet to draw up parameters for talks with the Palestinians, Netanyahu said."  Which, IMHO, means that the UN leadership is not too happy about unilateral steps. Easy to miss it when all you care about is making the right-wing jew look bad.

The dog that wasn't, all over again.