20 August 2011

Outrageous PETA campaigns? Not at all!

The good folks of UPI have kindly offered an excellent selection of pictures, 27 in all, from various PETA outings. Usually I am easily incensed by the customary PETA mental debauchery. This time I was rather enchanted, spending much more time than expected on that series. Warmly recommended. Here are two examples:

As you can see, the PETA member in this picture gives out free vegan hot dogs. I hope more astute members of the public have enough wherewithal to bring their own wieners hot dogs to slip into the free ban surreptitiously. Oh, and a leaf or two of that lettuce (or is it cabbage? no matter) will go down famously with the hot dog.

In that one three out of four ladies (why? what about the fourth one?) went naked to protest wearers of fur, like that lady on the left side. I declare hereby that I don't wear any fur aside of my own and am ready to prove it. By appointment or just by visiting one of similar happenings. Are we cool with that?

Anyway, go see these pictures. Good stuff all of them.


Dick Stanley said...

Amazing, really. Leftist women are usually dogs.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I don't let politics of any kind enter this issue ;)

Katie said...

I see that the 3 naked whores have never experienced a winter in Alaska, Chicago, Antarctica, Siberia or any other frozen place.

Fur is the best thing we have to warm ourselves in the cold.  Natural, cozy and makes a woman do wonderful things to the man who buys her one.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Golden words these, Katie.