29 March 2010

Oh Bibi, Bibi...

From Bibi's recent speech:

I have recently heard anonymous, unworthy remarks in the media regarding the American administration and the American president," he said. "I would like to make it clear: I find these remarks to be unacceptable.
The rest of the quote will be interspersed by my comments, so here:
They are from nobody acting on my behalf.
Could be, but why some of these remarks are ascribed to the members of his unruly staff? A day doesn't pass without one of the blabbermouth majority in Bibi's employ pissing on Bibi's parade.
Relations between Israel and the US are those between allies and friends and reflect longstanding tradition.
Yeah, true, if by that Bibi means the tradition whereby POTUS spits copiously on Bibi and Bibi tells us that it rained. This pattern dates from the Slick Willy's times, so by now it's a tradition, I guess...
Even when there are differences of opinion, they are differences of opinion among friends and will remain so.
The speaker didn't make it clear what exactly will remain so: the differences of opinion or the friendship. And I am not sure we really want to know by now...


David All said...

Snoopy, most of us when we were young including myself, had at least one experience where we ignored what our mothers told us and out of curiosity to see how it felt, touched something hot. Usually that one time was enough to learn our lesson and we did not repeat that experience. Bibi apparently is one of those who never learned and keeps insisting on touching something hot and keeps being surprised when he gets burnt.

Hopefully after his treatment by Obama, Bibi will finally realize that you do not spit your superpower benefactor in the eye without getting throughly drenched in return.

PS: Still have a hard time believing that Bibi would try to show Obama by flowchart(!) why the decision on East Jerusalem housing was not Bibi's responsibility! Really this comes close to a new definition of chutzpha!  

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Hopefully after his treatment by Obama, Bibi will finally realize..."

Nope, I can't say I believe that he will.