11 March 2010

Andrew Ian Dodge about Tea Party and other stuff

My usual problem when posting something about Andrew is to choose some of his occupations and titles (since listing all of them will be a full day's job and the post will be too long). So, let's mention (in no particular order): blogger, writer, rocker and now a coordinator for Maine Tea Party Patriots. Yep, the much talked about and much maligned and/or admired Tea Party folks.

Not being a scholar of American politics, I have been trying to understand the Tea Party phenomenon, and to this end I found Andrew's interview with Harold Pachios (a Democrat, mind you) extremely helpful and informative. If I can point to an hour well spent by me lately, this was it. Highly recommended.

A technical point: the whole interview is better to be downloaded and then watched in comfort from your disk drive. 600+ MB, mind you, though.