21 March 2010

How much does it cost to insult George Galloway?

George (the Spiv) Galloway (see his depiction below) is a sensitive and easily offended soul. Not once has he resorted to the assistance of gendarmes or other security officials to remove an offender from his vicinity. More than once has he resorted to (willing) legal assistance to sue the offender for what he, George the Spiv Galloway perceives as offense. He is actually so sensitive that any objection to his politics, his way of life, his past associations with all kinds of characters (included, but not limited to, Saddam Hussein and his murderous and deviant baby Udai), causes him to become immediately and mightily offended.

The subject of this post is on the left.

With time, George the Spiv became so adept in this being offended business that by now he has, most probably, even developed a price list for the offense. We haven't seen the whole of it yet, but apparently his lawyers are able to issue a first shot across the bows of the offender in a jiffy. Since they are able to tell the offender in advance how much it will cost to settle the offense without going to the extremes (meaning without the intervention of Her Majesty courts of justice).

The (alleged) offender has the whole story for you to enjoy, so I wouldn't spoil it by retelling. Only - it will be interesting to see the price list in toto (it's the lawyers' slang for "the whole"). Maybe one can learn about hitherto unknown ways to insult George the Spiv. Such as wholesale price of insults, large quantity discount, the acceptable margin between the asking price (as stated before the judge) and the final one etc.

It will be also highly educational, not to mention exciting, to know why George the Spiv, being a person of power and affluence, has chosen to be represented by a shyster whose knowledge of English is inferior even in the eyes of this here blogger - see point 3 in terms of the offered settlement at the end of the document: "Legal costs to be access at the time of settlement". Bleh...

Is it cheaper that way, George?


jams o donnell said...

I like the idea of an a la carte libel menu I'll have a Galloway a f**ked poodle for starters, a Galloway was a Lucky Pierre in a threesome with Ahmadinejad and Seumas Milne for my main course... He'll be lucky to get 25p out of me; let alone 25K!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Galloway, Ahmadinejad and Seumas Milne: sounds like a meal from paradise ;)

Dick Stanley said...

Sounds indigestible. Not to mention traife.

A Terrible Booty said...

In the HP latest


I first thought GG reminded me of Jack Nicholson as The Deil in The Witches of Eastwick. Then I remembered where I had seen <span>our ichthyophagous friend during the 1990s, starring opposite Jenifer Aniston:</span>
</p><p>He’s a bit pudgier now, of course, with a touch of Mingus the Merciless.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, ATB, there definitely is some likeness ;)