25 December 2008

Tal Nitsan revisited

Do you remember Tal Nitsan, the aspiring anthropology student from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who's made a big splash about a year or so ago? She found out that the lack of IDF rapes of Palestinian women is designed to serve a political purpose.

I have dedicated a post to the lady, offering a all-encompassing, relatively low resource-consuming and satisfactory for all sides solution of this issue. Then, of course, I have promptly forgotten the whole business, leaving it to the junior Elders for implementation. Definitely a few jokes on the subject exchanged in strictly male gatherings do not count...

Then, out of the blue, this document was (forcibly) brought to my attention. With some additional information. It appears that Tal is now working on her doctorate in British Columbia: "In fall 2006 I moved to Vancouver to do my PhD, after six years and two degrees at the
department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem." Bully for Tal. Here she is, basking in the feeble rays of Canadian sun:

It also appears that Tal seems to be still hurting after the unwelcome responses from the majority of Israeli press and public (I mean aside of yours truly). And that she desperately wants to be understood, thus writing a whole article on the subject, starting with the following (remarks in the square brackets are mine):

It is uncommon to question the relative absence of a social phenomenon instead of questioning the extant phenomenon. [You bet.] This raises four problems: First, how can an analytical framework be developed for a largely non-existent phenomenon? [Indeed. But it may be a harbinger of a whole new approach in the future of modern science: scientist's degrees on non-existing phenomena will definitely become a rave, you just wait.] Second, the question itself tended to be questioned (why question something that does not happen?) [To get that degree, stupid.] Third, is it just a case of underreporting? [Stealth rape squadrons? Hmm...] And fourth, what would be the method to gather data on a phenomenon I claimed rarely occurs [Candles? Torches? Anything to do with more lighting in shadowed or otherwise dark corners where the rape business is usually conducted.]?
I was delighted and spent a few minutes of quiet happiness reading this:
As an Anthropologist, I wished to do fieldwork for my research, but since I was studying the absence of a mode of violence, watching for a phenomenon to not happen did not seem to be a suitable method.
Tal, in her youthful naivety, skips over something that could become a cornerstone of a whole methodology for this new scientific approach - I mean SONEP - Study Of Non-Existing Phenomena (copyright, trademark, whatever - STG). As a Blogger, I already envision the outlines of SONEP : it should involve some secluded* spot on a first-rate vacation resort, a comfy chaise-longue, field binoculars**, plenty of cold and refreshing drinks with appropriate alcohol content, sufficient quantity of snacks, mmm... what else? It will be a subject for another post, methinks, one that will become a cornerstone... but I have been there already.

Anyhow, read that article, I warmly recommend it.

And as for Tal: my advice will be to forget the whole story. I mean, the solution is there already, it is only a question of implementation and the usual bureaucracy and all these forms to fill out. After all, if it takes too long, just let me know and we'll organize a few raping squads. As a temporary measure, of course.

So forget all this aggro. The sushi in Vancouver is heavenly. The climate is moderate for Canada, the public is friendly, albeit a bit too stoned (at the average) - but then it makes them even friendlier, so who is complaining?

!תעשי חיים

And we'll be waiting for your doctoral thesis - I am holding my breath already.

Hat tip: Gudrun.

(*) But not too secluded, upon second thought. If you know what I mean.

(**) The binoculars shouldnt' be too heavy. There is no need to overdo things.


Louise said...

Good lord.  Sad to say, but I see no reason by whatever university she's attending in BC will not give her her PhD of such a vacuous thesis.

snoopythegoon said...

I guess she will chose (or already has chosen for all I know) another thesis. Will it be less vacuous, though? Who knows...