31 December 2008

Really, why do we need Seumas Milne?

Why indeed - when in addition to our own Amos Harel providing fresh food for anti-Israeli crowd, there appear to be other, no less potent, enemies within? Here comes another one: Michael Freund of Fundamentally Freund with his article in Jerusalem Post.

War aside, Mr Freund decided to contribute his considerable effort to Bibi's election campaign. And the way he has chosen to do it is by ascribing the Cast Lead operation to political aspirations of Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak. Nothing more and nothing less.

So it seems somewhat odd that precisely 45 days before the elections, with their fortunes sagging at the polls, Barak and Livni suddenly seem compelled to act to stop the rocket fire.

And not surprisingly, it is already paying political dividends, at least for Barak's Labor Party. On Sunday, Channel 10 reported the results of a poll which was conducted after the air strikes on Gaza the previous day. It showed Labor soaring to 16 seats from a projected 10 in earlier surveys. That is a gain of 60 percent in just a matter of days.
Yep. Another one in my collection of the favorite imbeciles.

Smile, Michael!