03 December 2008

Jalapeno for your breakfast

The habit of eating spicy food in the morning is not something easily accepted in the West. However, there is one thing at least to be said in favor of biting on a juicy and deadly jalapeno when you are still sleepy - it tends to awaken you fully and immediately.

So get this:

I am sure you will therefore be as angry as I am about two egregious recent bits of anti-Israel propaganda that have issued from the self-hating Jewish enemies. Here is the first one:

...the [apartheid wall] is worse than useless. It is no more than the product of momentary hysteria and a Maginot-line mentality that seized some of our politicians, who deluded themselves into thinking that terrorism could be "fenced out."...

The time has come to take a good look at this outlandish project. Does it make any sense to continue building it? And maybe we should begin considering dismantling what has already been built. Do our politicians have the courage to admit they made a mistake?

And this:
But there is worse to come. A rabbi no less, said that "Israeli expulsion forces" were like the Nazis in Poland. How low can you go? This guy is worse than the Neturei Karteh nutcase who kissed Ahmadinejad at his Holocaust Denial Conference. This was quoted in several Israeli newspapers, including Ha'aretz in Hebrew, and, inevitably, in Al Jazeera.

It gets even worse. This so-called Rabbi, a filthy shtinker moser (informer) and rodef (persecutor) is a paid employee of the Israeli government. I pay for this miserable anti-Zionist vermin who insults our officials. And this is not the first time he has spread his hateful bilge. The ADL has had this man in their sights for a while. We all know what is the Talmudic punishment presecribed for informers and persecutors - din moser vedin rodef.
Who would be these two filthy Joo-hating Jooz, you may ask?

This is the first one, the inimitable Likudnik, professor Moshe Arens.

And the second one is Rabbi Dov Lior, the Chief Rabbi of Hebron and Kiryat Arba...

Go figure...

But I hope you are awake now, at least.