04 April 2007

Holiday miscellaneous

This piece of news was met in Elders' HQ with mixed feelings:

A fire destroyed the synagogue and residence of a senior rabbi of an anti-Zionist, ultra-Orthodox Jewish group whose members attended an Iran-sponsored Holocaust denial conference in December.
In the picture below are the above mentioned:

While the picture is backdated, you can see these people already carrying the facial expressions suitable for entering the realm of martyrdom.

We, the Elders, are definitely against all kinds of violence, which is abhorent to us in all its forms. Unless, of course, some violence is absolutely necessary, and then we do what we must do, in the best tradition of the profession and with gusto.

We have not made up our minds yet regarding this specific case, so you shall have to wait for a separate notice. We can state for the record, though, that we are not at all sure that the case in question was about violence. As some of our readers may know, just before Passover it is customary for the Jews to perform an especially stringent house cleaning culminating in the procedure called "biur hametz", meaning burning the residue of all kinds of stuff that is not considered kosher for Passover. See picture below:

It could have easily happened that the orthodox folks like the ones on this picture have decided that the synagogue that belongs to these Neturei Karta monkeys should be considered not kosher for Passover. Or, even worse, tref. Go figure.

Meanwhile, while doing a research for the piece of the "Simon Says" series, we have stumbled on a picture of Angelina J. that we feel we have to share with you all, this being holiday time and all that.

There are two reasons we share the picture with you. The first one, clearly, is that the picture is pleasing to the eye. The second one is that it is mysterious. While the picture was filched from a place that does not require any parental quidance, one of our (younger) operatives exclaimed "Mamma mia!" seeing it for the first time.

Ain't it a mystery?