30 April 2007

Azmi Bishara - not guilty by virtue of...

Apparently, by virtue of having a big mouth. His seemingly erratic behavior, starting with his mysterious disappearance, artfully designed to provide as much fodder as possible to the rumors mill, his dramatic reappearance in Israeli embassy in Cairo to submit his resignation from the Knesset, the content-less articles by his supporters, unable to dispel the cloud of suspicions but preparing the background for an hysterical campaign - all this does nothing to answer the question of Bishara's guilt, but does everything to paint a picture of a martyr for the cause.

And now another step in the well-orchestrated campaign has started:

Thousands of protestors took part in a demonstration in Nazareth on Saturday held in support of former MK Azmi Bishara. Among the protestors and speakers were representatives from each of Israel's Arab political parties and members of Bishara's family.
To remind our readers: the details of the investigation and its results were not published yet. The file was not yet delivered to the AG office that has yet to decide whether there is a sufficient case for the courts.
In four days the gag order preventing complete coverage of the investigation into Bishara will be lifted.
So, you may very well ask, why not wait a bit? Why had Bishara flown so conveniently? Why does he try to preempt the publication of the investigation? Why this hysterical propaganda war, getting absurd:
Former Balad chairman Azmi Bishara on Friday accused MKs in Israel of carrying out massacres. "Most MKs behaved violently in their lives and during their army service," the former Arab-Israeli MK added in an interview with a French television channel on Friday.

Bishara went on to say that he did not have any information to give to Hizbullah but claimed that Hizbullah had "more information about the IDF that it could have ever dreamed of."
Quite a telling statement, isn't it? To top it, Bishara is already complaining that the insidious Mossad is planning to rub him out. And his steely resolve to return to Israel to stand trial isn't worth much as well, if your read the following carefully:
According to Bishara, he would face a lose-lose situation were he to return to Israel now. "Were an Israeli court to convict me, it would harm the legitimacy of the national Arab movement in Israel," he said. "Were I to be acquitted, it would be seen as an acquittal from supporting resistance."
Hardly consistent with his readiness for martyrdom, is it? But the Soviet-trained rubble rouser is hardly inconvenienced by this inconsistency.
Bishara spoke by telephone to the protesters, stating "our intellect and our words are our weapons. Never in my life did I draw a gun or kill anyone."
I believe him - after all, rubble rouser does not have to shoot, there are enough simpletons he brainwashes to do the job.
Many of the demonstrators were also heard chanting, "With blood and fire we will redeem you Azmi."
Whose blood do they have in mind?

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