21 April 2007

Buzzards or loosers?

This Friday brought some new rumblings from our internal political front. The two pretenders - Benjamin N. and Ehud B. (each considers himself and ideal replacement of the incumbent loser, of course) had a broadside each at Olmert/Peretz pair regarding the misfortune named "The second Lebanon war".

Barak is peddling his invaluable experience:

"When the dust settles over the conclusions of the Winograd Commission and the testimonies, one lesson will be drawn: In the state of Israel there no substitute to experience," he said in reference to the commission probing the war's handling.

"(Former IDF Chief of Satff) Dan Halutz is one of the most talented people we have; Amir Peretz is a talented person and so is (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert. They had good intentions and what happened to them proves that even among the highest ranks more experience is required"
Doesn't the second paragraph cause you a desire to cry? The person who considers himself (a bit) above any deity, suddenly starts a free distribution of compliments... yeah...

But there is no arguing that experience is a crucial point. I hope that the voters have enough of that bitter experience with a small man with Napoleonic habits who botched the IDF exit from Lebanon, without any agreement and in pathetic haste, allowing Hizbullah to declare victory that never was. The man who tried to command the government he lead (and, indeed, the whole country) like he used to command a regiment, becoming one of the most miserable failures on this job.

Bibi, on the other hand, continues to amaze by his more and more frequent memory lapses. I hope it is not an early onset of Alzheimer, just a selective erasure of some memory blocks, but the phenomenon must be treated in any case. His latest memory problem was related to the same war (this comes from Maariv Hebrew edition, so no link).

About two weeks ago Bibi told a Maariv reporter that he wouldn't have gone to war in three hours like Olmert/Peretz had. This is on the record, and more - Bibi has already repeated this statement several times lately (probably trying it out as part of his future campaign).

Maariv, however, was diligent enough to ask for a response from the PM's office, and it appears that Bibi, who was (as the head of opposition) invited by Olmert for an update immediately after a government meeting on the day the war started, said:
Prime Minister, I would have done exactly the same. You will get our full support. I will support all steps, in this regard there is no coalition and opposition. We must respond with all out might.
The quote above is a matter of protocol, and no matter how fiery was the subsequent response from Bibi's office when reminded about this record, it stays recorded.

Of course, Bibi is not deterred by being merely caught in a lie. It is all in a day's job for him...

These two remind me of the diapers sticker: while it is clear that the current diapers should be replaced, do we have to replace them by used (and not laundered as far as I can see) ones?