04 November 2015

Report to Elders: Michael Morgan, from Hibaldstow, Brigg, North Lincs, has been done in

To: [name omitted]

Dear [name omitted],

In response to your last intra-office memo # 2194/36 regarding unsatisfactory performance of the Mind Boggling Unit, I, as the officer in charge of the unit, have to say the following:
  • The MBU is working all hours in conditions that, have the unit officers been members of an organized trade union, which they are emphatically not, would have been considered verging on outright slavery.
  • Your decision of July 2014 to rename our unit MBU instead of the time honored MFU caused serious demoralization in the ranks.
  • In spite of this, we have recently notched a momentous achievement, reducing one Michael Morgan from the MM (Merely Mad) state to TD (Totally Demented), as will be shown below.
In light of the above, I am requesting to move the unit's location from the basement of the [omitted] to the ground floor, at least, and to restore the unit's previous name.

Your refusal to grant these humble requests will force me to appeal to [name omitted].

Yours STG.

Addendum: The case of  Michael Morgan.

The subject of our experiment, Michael Morgan  from Hibaldstow, Brigg, North Lincs, was caught by an old time honored spoof, namely a post Mossad, crash of the Russian plane and Asghar Bukhari's shoe. After greedily consuming this nonsense, he immediately distributed it to his followers via the Zionist media tool known as Twitter:

More about Mr Morgan:

As proof of our subject descending to the Totally Demented status, we offer the following Twitter exchange (click on the image to embiggen):

We respectfully submit that the sentence "He was a Christian, the clue is in the name." is sufficient to close the case and consider the operation a total unmitigated success.

So there.