01 November 2015

Mossad, crash of the Russian plane and Asghar Bukhari's shoe

What with the avalanche of current events, a man cannot turn away from the news stream to make his own observations and to connect the dots. It's even difficult to recall some fairly recent events that might be connected to the latest ones, what with being overwhelmed by that stream.

But no worries, I am here to give you a nudge in the right direction. Here is a link to the tragic story of one Asghar Bukhari, the Muslim bloke in UK who woke up one day half-shoeless, the other shoe being whisked away under the cover of darkness by Mossad fiends.

And here is the latest: Asghar Bukhari's shoe, scorched by fire, as it was found among the debris of the unfortunate Kogalymavia - operated Airbus A321 (flight KGL9268):

Pretty brazen, wouldn't you say?

I hope I have the dots connected for you, didn't I?