14 November 2015

Paris massacres and (fake?) Corbynists: "Wesley Brown" - you are a piece of shit.

Update to this post: the so called "Wesley Brown" is a fake account, for the nefarious purposes quite easy to comprehend. Whatever the goal, this "Wesley Brown" and/or whoever is behind the creation of this account is a miserable piece of shit. So the initial diagnosis stands.

I sincerely hoped that no one will try to score political points and dance on the graves (actually on the bodies) of the victims. But here comes one Wesley Brown, "Loving Husband and Father, Labour Party Activist, The New Politics. Special Adviser to RT. Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP". (Emphasis mine).

With the following message:

Here is a screenshot for posterity, just in case this sorry excrescence decides to erase his tweet:

I couldn't find any corroborating information on Mr Brown and I don't know whether there is one or whether he is a Corbyn's gopher. However, whoever this Mr Brown is, he is still a choice piece of shit.

As for "New Politics" - not so much, is there? Rather old brownshirts in new packaging.

Just to make myself feel better: here is a real McCoy:
The lady is a co-founder of the Free Gaza movement.