27 March 2014

Saudis about the POTUS: another bullseye

I would be the first to agree that by now being clever on account of the current WH and the current administration in general has become somewhat of a cheap kind of entertainment. I mean, after you have taken one shot at the fish in that barrel, how many more shots will keep you interested?

Still, Saudi prince with his flowery turn of phrase, has managed to do it in a fresh way:

We’ve seen several red lines put forward by the president, which went along and became pinkish as time grew, and eventually ended up completely white,” said Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia.
I would add that some of them lines have gotten yellowish a bit, what with the relentless Middle Eastern sun. But it would be just some icing on the cake and not really necessary.

Speaking about more icing on that cake, a good article on CNN by Peter Bergen about Saudis' disappointment with US of A.

And, speaking about Saudis: they are not alone in that sentiment. Nuff said...