30 March 2014

Erdogan's illicit love affair, Twitter and Facebook in Turkey and his falsetto voice

Connect the dots, as they teach us to do in the Elders' training, and I always go out of my way to connect a few. In this case the dots were only too easy to connect.

First - a short piece in Hebrew, broadly hinting that we should expect a scoop: publication of a blazing sex tape, showing the Turkish chief with a beautiful journalist. The said journalist is threatening to sue anyone who dares, Erdogan denies and closes down Twitter and Facebook.

As for his newly acquired falsetto voice, described in the Hurryet article: obviously his spouse caught up... but connect that dot yourself, please.

Update: Aussie Dave has another explanation: the old trauma Erdogan received in 2010, when a horse kicked him in the unmentionables, is playing up:

But frankly, I like my version better.