27 March 2014

Peruvian police arrest 60 Israeli tourists

And for a good reason, too, and I don't mean "drugs, alcohol and orgies". The other thing, though: the location - the archeological dig at Sacsayhuaman. And this:

Another report by volunteers working at the site stated that the Israeli youth had stolen artifacts found at the dig site and cans of spray-paint were discovered in their possession. The artifacts were reportedly discovered by the youth while they constructed illegal, makeshift shelters for the party...
I am not saying "lock them up and throw away the keys". But a year (or two) of doing the menial work on that same site, helping out the archeologists could go a long way to "clear their mind"*.

(*) "Clear the mind" is a not very good translation (in the article) of the Israeli slang for after-army excesses our dear kids indulge in. Oh well, be that as it may, there are better ways, like that year or two at the digs...