24 July 2013

There's petty and there's really petty

It came to light earlier this week (see here) that Emirates Airlines (who own the cable car across the Thames - a part of the London public transport network) had a clause in their contract with Transport for London that no Israelis could own any part of the cable car. That's what I mean by "really petty". It's entirely possible that there aren't, actually, any Israeli interested in owning any part of this.

Now, Boris Johnson is not my favourite candidate for Mayor of London - except when his opponent is Ken Livingstone, and I did vote for Boris against my far more usual pattern - but he's come up trumps here. Forced a rewording and reworking of the contract re who can own bits of the cable car.

But then he does know which group was vital in his election and re-election (2008 and 2012, respectively).

Boris is far from the buffoon that he presents himself as being.

Post By: Brian Goldfarb


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Disgusting that any city would allow discrimination in its contracting.