16 July 2013

Al-Jazeera's Genocidal Anti-Semitism

This post by Nick Nipclose is cross-posted from his blog.

Out of all the anti-Wester outlets Al-Jazeera is the most insidious and clever. While outfits like Russia Today churn out nakedly insane content  including 911 denial as an official stance AJ has produced relatively decent content. Al-Jazeera has been smart enough to temper its extremism and create a moderate guise which has allowed it to achieve acclaim and credibility. The far-left and naive liberals love the broadcasting outfit because of its opposition to American policy, Israel and widespread view that any western media must be biased propaganda, a view steeped in conspiracism and anti-Semitic fantasies of Jewish media control.

The mask continually slips. The outlet publishes anti-Semitic frauds like Joseph Massad who produced an article so vile that it received near universal condemnation. Pundits are finally noticing that AJ airs and glorifies Yusuf Al-Qaradawi a man who praises the third reich and the Shoah.

Even supporters like Sultan Al Qassemi who delusionally described it as a "voice of Arab freedom" have condemned the broadcaster as a Muslim brotherhood "shill." Qassemi wrote that the outlet's status as Muslim brotherhood propagandists " is now widely accepted as fact. " Al-Jazeera aired the Exile series which featured "horrific depictions of long-bearded and hook-nosed rabbis extracting blood from the corpses of lifeless Arab children." Exile was also aired by Hezbollah's outlet Al-Manar.

The Khaybar tv series is anti-Semitic incitement on a mass scale, the very word 'Khaybar' is a genocidal war cry calling for massacre and enslavement of Jews. According Rabbi Kenneth Cohen the series is "crude and offensive incitement" that "defies journalistic and media standards observed elsewhere." Jews use technology to improve humanity while their enemies use it to further backwards trash.

Naturally Al-Jazeera praised and endorsed the series. Al-Jazeera describes the Khaybar conquest as "historic moment milestone in the dawn of Islam" they condemn themselves by admitting that they consider a massacre of Jews to be a milestone of their culture's history. The article lauds the "fight against the Jews" and vilifies Jews for "their hostility to Islamic Call and weaving plots."

The articles argues that "deals with the Jewish community, like any other society in which there is both good and evil, so you will find scenes with the finest Jewish personalities and others that are sinister who allied with the hypocrites who are in Yathrib..." Al-Jazeera and the semi-literate filmmakers define a 'good Jew' as one who meekly accepts non-Jewish domination and collaborates with his or her people's oppressor. They define an evil Jew as one who does not accept subjugation and therefore deserves death.

Any defense fails as the director admitted that "the goal of the series is to expose the naked truth about the Jews and stress that they cannot be trusted." Ahmad 'Abd Al-Halim said that "I play one of the Jewish characters, who demonstrates the behavior of the Jewish human being. All he thinks about is accumulating money."

The article horrifically states that the series "illustrates the objective reasons which caused Muslims to eliminate the Jews of Khaybar, which objectively can be applied to what is happening now in the Arab arena with regard to the Palestinian issue and other problems experienced by the Arab nation." Al-Jazeera openly admits to supporting genocide past and present. They see Judeocide in the past as noble and hope for Israelis to be exterminated in a second Shoah. The admission that Khaybar was made to advance the cause of another Holocaust which Al-Jazeera fully wants to come about should and probably won't trouble the broadcasting outlet's devotees.

Al-Jazeera America must be boycotted. Apologists might cry free speech which would be amusing since AJ publishes material calling for America to eradicate free speech. Even if we pretend that a  right enjoyed by American citizens somehow extend to a distant micro-autocracy devoid of basic free speech the invasion of American airwaves by foreigners promoting backwards hatred must be struck down.