05 July 2013

Have you ever felt an urge to kiss a cop?

Take care then, it could be costly. In the case we are talking about there are mitigating circumstances:

In a post-arrest interview Hill admitted to drinking three glasses of wine prior to her encounter with police.
That must be it. But she kissed the cop on the nose, and he "stepped away from Hill and wiped off the saliva from his nose". So I would guess the charges will be at least: battery of a police officer, interfering with an officer carrying out his duties, use of biological weapon of mass destruction (saliva), which automatically brings a second degree murder attempt.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

She was charged with a felony? Florida cops are out of control. I suppose she wasn't very pretty is part of the problem. Well, after she's paid her bail and a lawyer, she'll know better next time. Unless she winds up in prison.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, I guess she wasn't a model or something, which caused the cop to express his displeasure in such an extreme way.