20 February 2012

Pet peeve time

To fellow bloggers: I know, people, that the visitors to your blogs belong (roughly) to three categories: the regular readers, the human trolls and the inhuman spambots. While the proportion of membership in each category varies from blog to blog, the latter is repulsed by automatic spam filters and/or a rather annoying requirement to manually enter some text that will prove your benign intentions. Like this one:

I don't know how many spambots are turned away by this measure (usually the automatic spam filters work quite well), but the annoyance value of that manual check-up grows with time, as the texts to enter become longer and longer, reaching the threshold when leaving a comment becomes too much trouble.

So, folks, please consider the fact that erasing a comment takes just one click, rely more on automatic spam filters and let's get read of this maddening ceremony.

What say?


kcmeesha said...

since switching to disqus I haven't had a spam comment.but I had to enter this 2-word captcha for the last couple of days and it's annoying as hell

SnoopyTheGoon said...

 Yep, extremely so.

Shaun Downey (Jams O Donnell) said...

The spam filter works well so I've turned off word verification now it's converted to this bloody irritating version

SnoopyTheGoon said...