28 November 2011

SOPA and PIPA: not Russian curse words

Although you may get this impression if you know a bit of Russian. But no, these two are just two new bills being pushed through Congress that will curb some fairly elementary freedom of speech - related Internet functions. That under the guise of fighting copyright piracy and "online infringement", whatever it means.

Here is a response by Electronic Frontier Foundation.

And here is a statement by Andrew Ian Dodge - one of the very few politicians who understands what these two bills are really about.

And why should I worry about American legislation? Simply because it will quickly become a golden standard for other lawmakers monkeying with freedom of speech.


Dick Stanley said...

The pols have been dying to find an excuse to regulate the Web. Hollywood finally found the answer. Copyright. You bet.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And no one can say where it stops, the "regulation" I mean.