15 November 2011

Yet another reason not to read The Guardian

I haven't read The Guardian for a number of years (if you ask me why often enough and Snoopy agrees, I'll tell you some time, but it's not pretty!), not even online. Indeed, I have told my wife on one of the rare occasions we've considered buying a newspaper in hard copy that I will not buy The Guardian. The Times (despite Murdoch and phone hacking), yes. The Guardian, no. Actually, that's not quite true: I will occasionally read a sports report online on my beloved Leicester Tigers (rugby union) matches, but that's all. Promise. After all, CiF Watch is one of my regularly visited websites.

However, as the headline says, there's now yet another reason. Peter Cannon, in The Commentator (to which I've linked before) says that The Guardian is telling us that we must just lie back and accept the fact if Iran builds itself the bomb, we will have to live with it. I'm not going to bore you with all the reasons why such an attitude should send shivers down your spines - you know all that already, otherwise you wouldn't be here in the first place - and anyway, you can read them for yourself here. Never mind the threat to Israel (and Snoopy and Gideon, et al), just the thought of Ahmanedinejad with his finger on the nuclear button is enough to give anyone an ulcer, let alone heart palpitations and angina pains. 

So read and be confirmed in your decision to continue to boycott The Guardian (at least on the news stands, so that they don't get any of that desperately need income from us).

By Brian Goldfarb.


Pisa said...

I've never been afraid of clowns. Until now, thank you very much Brian.

Someone should tell the Grauniad that we don't have to live with the iranian a-bomb. Not that we don't want to, the iranians don't want us to (live, that is).

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I share the Kramer's (of Seinfeld) fear of clowns from times immemorial...