07 May 2010

Falklands oil and Patrick Robinson

It wouldn't be the first time when the reality slavishly follows a writer's imagination. Still, judge for yourself: May 6, 2010, Guardian:

.A British company has struck oil in the Falkland Islands for the first time, threatening to ratchet up the diplomatic dispute with Argentina.

A report about the announcement in La Nacion, Argentina's leading newspaper, prompted anguished reader comments. "They continue robbing us from under our noses," said one. "After a war, the winner imposes the conditions," said another.

Argentina lost a brief 1982 war with Britain over islands it calls the Malvinas. It still claims sovereignty and terms British control an occupation
And now this: Ghost Force, Patrick Robinson, 2006:
The year is 2011.

An oil-hungry world is starving . . .

. . . and Argentina, with Russia's help, is determined to brutally wrest the petroleum-rich Falkland Islands from British hands. Enraged over this brazen act of international piracy, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the islands for the second time in thirty years

Otherwise, it's not a very good book, as the readers justifiably complain. But so what?


Dick Stanley said...

Well, it would be amusing. Last time we got to see how Exocets work. The technology toys are always worth the price of admission, as long as the actual shooting is far, far away.