07 May 2010

Dubai police chief arrests himself as a Mossad operative



Yitzchak Goodman said...

I hope he doesn't interrogate himself too harshly.

David All said...

It was the logical next step, Snoopy.

"At midnight all the agents and super-human crew go out and round up all those who know more than they do." - Bob Dylan.
(Quoted in the graphic novel, "Watchmen", 1985)    

OT: To mark the failure of both the neo-nazi British National Party and Respect headed by George Galloway to win any seats in Britain's General Election, link to this at http://vodpod.com/watch/1181674-hitlers-bnp-membership-gets-leaked-video  

Katie said...

I was expecting this. Isn't the suspect count now the equivalent of the population of New York City?

Dick Stanley said...

About time. No one could be more deserving.

Sérgio said...

Damn, Goodman! You stole my joke... :'(