28 December 2018

God willing, we'll kill you all...

To start with dry facts:
Russia’s Ministry of Defense plans to build the military’s main church in the Moscow Region, and it’s going to be big. According to blueprints, the church will be 95 meters tall, making it the third tallest Orthodox church on the planet. As it stands, the first and the second tallest are also Russian: Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St.Petersburg.

“Throughout history, Russians have built monumental churches, chapels, and whole architectural ensembles to commemorate the defenders of the Motherland,” the project’s official webpage says. Thus, the new church follows the traditions and aims at “uniting all the Orthodox servicemen of Russia.”

The Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu stated that both the government and the Russian Orthodox Church approve of the project. The church will be in the Byzantine style and located in Patriot Park in Kubinka, (75 km west of Moscow). It’s earmarked to be completed by 2020.
Few more details from another source:
The idea of building the main temple of the Armed Forces of Russia received the blessing of Patriarch Cyril. The temple will become a spiritual, educational, methodical and educational center for servicemen and other citizens of Russia. An exhibition exposition dedicated to the history of the formation of the Russian state and armed forces will be located on its territory.
To make sure, the planners haven't forgotten anything:
The temple will have several altars, the central one will be named in honor of the main Christian holiday - the Resurrection of Christ, the rest will be dedicated to the heavenly patrons of the different branches of the Armed Forces.
And, for dessert:
The steps of the main church of the Russian Armed Forces,... will be cast from Wehrmacht trophy equipment, said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a meeting of the public council of the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday.
What kind of psychotic mind stands behind this project? Meet Sergei Shoigu:

Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and and General of the Army that appears in the picture in military uniform and a treasure trove of medals has never served in the military.

No more to be said.