22 December 2018

Andrew Sullivan - more Biased and Balanced than ever

Usually this here blogger, after two or three critical posts dedicated to a person, will leave the said person as a subject for a long time, if not forever. People, as a rule, don't change, at least not enough for the changes to merit a special notice. So, after dedicating three posts to Mr Sullivan in general and his exemplary hate for the Zionist Entity in particular, I thought there wouldn't be any reason to go back to this sad case.

And you know what: there really ain't good reasons to do so. That is, aside of the level of obsession, displayed by the Biased and Balanced lately. Which obsession is perfectly well shown in the thread that, initially didn't have anything to do with the Entity. Here it is:

David French, the author of the above, might be right or wrong, but it matters little to Mr Sullivan, who immediately comes in with this zinger:

The only fitting response is this borrowed one:

The answer to Jon Star is, quite obviously, "nothing" - aside of the said sick obsession. About ten years ago or more I had a talk with an expert on dementia. Dementia tends to exacerbate most of our pre-existing negative traits, she said. Something to be learned here in relation to the sad case in question.

You can view the whole thread here, not that there is much to be learned.

Hat tip: Dr. Petra Marquardt-Bigman