08 January 2018

CNN on NK Fatso or how to produce a tasty nothing burger

Just a bit of the usual grumbling about the media. Probably my stomach problems and all... anyway, here it is.

The headline was way too alluring to skip:

Who is Kim Jong Un? Separating myth from fact

There are two key sentences, one at the beginning of the piece and one a bit down the screen:
The little that is known about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is, for the most part, questionable.
All conclusions over Kim Jong Un's motives are speculative at best, and preposterously hysterical at worst.
Saying this, the author succeeded to produce a very long screed, full of information that could be easily collected by a most unprofessional internet surfer. Freely available to all. And no separation of crap from fact, as promised...

And Jamie Tarabay, the author of the piece, has a formidable record, according to this.

So why?