03 January 2018

About an alleged article in National Post

Alleged: 1. Declared but not proved; 2. Doubtful or suspect

The above mentioned article in National Post doesn't fit the meaning #1. Being a perennial student of this wonderful language, I can't be totally sure, but I would call the article doubtful. Or suspect. As in "suspect in being skewed to favor one of the parties involved", for instance.

But let's not make an issue of the notorious Tamimi family, it is already overblown as it is. This time it is about reporting, and here is an outstanding example for all lovers of English:

The caption of that picture (which I have chosen to take a snapshot of for posterity) introduced a novel tweak in the use of the word "alleged". Namely: "...after a viral video showing them allegedly assaulting two Israeli soldiers...". Such an artful conjunction of "video showing" and "allegedly" should be studied by all aspiring journalists, I suggest.

That will be all. Oh, and here, allegedly, is the alleged video of the alleged lady allegedly attacking the alleged soldiers.