24 August 2017

Professor Mark Bray and the lessons of history

Y'all might say that I am somewhat obsessed with the modern academy. And you might be right at that, but I think that behind this obsession there are some sound reasons: namely your kids, being incessantly brainwashed. Here is another shining example:

Mark Bray, a poet of violence
Professor Mark Bray "is a historian of human rights, terrorism, and political radicalism in Modern Europe. He completed his PhD in Modern European and Women's and Gender History at Rutgers University in 2016".

As you will be able to see in the blurb of one of his books, Translating Anarchy: The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street, Mark Bray is one of the Occupy Wall Street "organizers" and quite proud of it:
OWS organizer Mark Bray combines his direct experience in the movement with nearly 200 interviews with the most active, influential architects of Occupy Wall Street, to reveal the revolutionary anarchist core of Occupy.
Proud to the extent of defining the real goal of the Occupiers:
Although The New York Times and CNN thought that OWS simply wanted tighter financial regulations and a millionaire's tax, Bray shows that the vast majority of organizers called for the abolition of capitalism altogether.
Of course, with such pedigree and such views Mr Bray can't stand away from expressing his sympathy and support to the rising ranks and violent habits of Antifa. Here is a sample of his views:

But it is not really his views of Antifa or views of his interlocutors that are of interest to me, not for the purpose of this specific post, at least. Rather his credentials as a teacher and his knowledge of history. Check out what he says in that clip (around 8:58):
The real enemies of free speech are fascists, we've seen that historically, we've seen that they are the ones that if they had their way they will shut down free speech.
Really, professor? The fascists are the only real enemies of free speech we have seen historically? And not the sworn enemies of capitalism of your ilk that made violence their main tool and that came to the scene way before the fascists you have in mind? This is what they taught you in Rutgers? This is what you teach the students in the Ivy League Dartmouth College?

Of course, you may waive this off - another professor of the infamous "studies". Yep, another one, but he is teaching the kids, not you - and there are a myriad of his ilk.

Too bad.