04 June 2017

Surely we'll do it right this time

This post is "inspired" (a wrong word but what can one do?) by the coming elections in UK. In a few days, it looks like, Brits are going to make a step that, according to what my British friends were repeating since Corbyn became the Labour's leader, is simply impossible. Which is electing a relic of the old quasi-socialist era, one that has yet to miss a dodgy terrorist gang in the whole wide world he didn't find a kind word for.

Leaving the affinity to the terrorist groups aside, I am somewhat astonished by the fact of Corbyn being a kind of moldy sloganeering prophet of a dreamy let's-tax-them-rich-bastards-and-nationalize-all-the-rest demagoguery, while succeeding to get more than a passing attention from the British public, especially the young ones. The nation, so widely known for practically inventing common sense*, is buying unrealistic promises, proved by history again and again to be lies. Sounds hardly credible, does it?

But let's look at another part of the world for a minute. Here are Russians complaining about their Orthodox Church (translated by yours truly):

Wondrously (or not), the promises of a religion are similar to the promises of quasi-socialists of all times and all nations, ending in rivers of blood, mayhem and replacement of the hierarchy of those who have money by a hierarchy of those who have power (money comes to them eventually too). The equals get split into equal and more equal, the latter become the new chieftains, greedily acquiring more and more power and stepping over the bodies of their comrades, and the wheels of history will grind again - the bodies of the hopefuls.

But I learned with time that it is virtually impossible to warn the new generation of starry-eyed seekers about the realities of true and fair socialist heaven. Humans simply don't learn from their history and the old moldy slogans succeed again and again. The only answer one gets when imploring the people to look back is "yes, we know, but we'll do it right now, no mistakes and no worries". Which is, of course, patently wrong - it will go sideways the same way it has gone so many times before.

I wish I had some magic words that will wake up the dreamers. But there apparently aren't any, and better people than I am tried and tried again.

Too bad.

(*) But then, look at how so many intelligent and supposedly sane Brits sung paeans to the other piece of moldy dreck.